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LED Light Therapy in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Facial LED Therapy

Rejuvenate your skin!

With LED Light Therapy, your body uses the infrared light absorbed by your skin as a source of energy to promote cellular regeneration. Through cellular regeneration, LED Light Therapy helps reverse and control visible signs of aging with remarkable tightening of the skin, smoothing of wrinkles, fading of blemishes and redness, and reduction of pore size. All of which will make you look years younger!

Cosmetic Benefits of LED Light Therapy

What can you get from LED therapy? Wrinkle reduction for one. Another benefit of LED light therapy? Rosacea relief. And the benefits of LED light therapy don’t stop there.

  • Minimizes visible signs of aging  such as wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet
  • Clears acne blemishes and minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Improves skin’s texture, tone and appearance
  • Helps improve skin’s natural collagen production
  • Reduces the melanin that causes dark age spots
  • Reduces the visible signs of sun damage
  • Improves circulation and moisture
  • Decreases redness
  • Promotes and activates natural metabolic function and nutritional elements

Photo rejuvenation LED light therapy also decreases symptoms of eczema, such as dry patches, itching, redness, scarring and sensitivity.

Best of all, photo rejuvenation LED light therapy is comfortable and relaxing. It is a safe, non-invasive and non-abrasive anti-aging alternative — there’s no down time! It is also safe for any age, color, skin type and area of the body.

Types of LED Light Therapy

There are two different types of LED light therapy that are used to treat different conditions: red light LED therapy and blue light LED therapy.


Deep heating stimulates collagen rebuilding and protects the outer layer of skin with continued cooling. The result is a fresher and youthful appearance with diminished fine lines around the eyes and mouth and skin that is tighter, more toned and lifted.


Blue LED light therapy is a drug-free alternative for the treatment of acne. The safe blue light painlessly destroys the bacteria that cause breakouts. We follow this treatment with a soothing serum and an anti-inflammatory mask.

Either of these treatments can be used in conjunction with a facial for added benefit!

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Let the skilled staff at Eternal Youth Medical Spa and Infrared LED light therapy reverse your visible signs of aging. Our Albuquerque med spa’s friendly and skilled staff will help you look years younger with LED light therapy as well as treatments like microdermabrasion. Contact us for an appointment today!

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